Herr Knillmann, that was our grandfather. Germany’s oldest master butcher and a great host. He loved it lively: Family and friends were always welcome and the table was never big enough. With 101 years of life experience, he knew tradition and modernity – and appreciated the best of both worlds.


We thought all of that was a perfect fit for us and what we wanted the restaurant to be. So we chose him as our name inspiration, and we’re putting a lot of what he stands for on our flag: Namely, above all, we want to be a good host, hear our guests laugh, and give you a great time. To be honest, everything else is a bit of a secondary matter for us. Of course you should be able to enjoy good food, but we don’t specify what. For us, what tastes good is on the menu.

Bastian Minx is our owner, comes from Düsseldorf and, by the way, is the grandson of Paul Knillmann.